Rio Rancho Estates Targeted for Fracking and Drinking Water Destruction

Agenda packet for 11-8-2018 You will have to look at the agenda packet to see the three draft maps (below inline story) on the Current proposed ordinance these insane commissioners are discussing and wanting approve at the County Commission the Nov. 8th Sandoval County Commission Meeting.

Currently, Commissioner Heil has proposed the 55,000 parcels that include the Rio Rancho Estate (RRE) units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6  be “relieved” from the ban fracking zone. This is where the City of Rio Rancho pumps their drinking water wells.  Mr. Heil is also the City of Rio Rancho Planning and Zoning Chairman. Mr. Heil is working for the industry and is part of the problem of state capture in Sandoval County and the State of NM. Threatening drinking water is a form of terrorism that the now being government sponsored under the regine of this county administration.

The County in last Thursday’s night meeting has had another Open Meetings Act (OMA) complaint filed on them for 5 violations that occurred in the meeting. The multiple violations would not go away if they help another meeting because of private communications with select groups via text messaging and phone calls that were occurring during the meeting.  No public comments were allowed.  No public comments will be allowed at the November 8th meeting.

The Commission is not allowing comments and anything to be formally entered into the record.

However, we suggest emailing the Commissioners and especially David Heil to tell them what you think of them destroying the Drinking water for 90,000 people in Rio Rancho and to cause more respiratory illnesses that may cost a community like Rio Rancho nearly $275,000 a day ( See The Costs of Fracking vUS.  ) Already in the northwest part of the County people are experiencing respiratory illnesses from fracking and yet by the maps attached to the Draft Ordinance being voted on late Thursday evening are ready for a decision for a bad ordinance approval, there is no consideration been given these communities that would offer relief in the Northwest part of the Sandoval County AKA District A, in

the form of strict restrictions.  The area in the small green box represents 6 units that extend from west side 60th Street to Rainbow on the Eastside and from the Sandoval County border all the water up to Paseo Del Vulcan to the north, in the Rio Rancho Estates. AMREP owns mineral rights on 55,000 parcels in RRE (there may be several acres within a parcel)  that were lease sold to Thrust Energy who will hire wildcat operators to come in a destroy the drinking water supplies it this is allowed. This is also the area that eminent domain will be imposed for the Paseo del Vulcan ABQ by-pass extension.  The enlarged area above the map with the yellow blocks show the number of units of the Rio Rancho Estates. Heil is not protecting the health and welfare of the County, he is protecting oil and gas interests.

We suggest you read the “Voice of the People Curtailed” to understand how the County has stopped the voice of the people from being heard on in this issue.

We are asking you to contact commissioners Holden Rhodes, David Heil District 4, and Commissioner Eichwald District 5; ask them why they are intent on poisoning the water supply and the people, for profit over people? Why they are intent of destruction of the Earth by causing more emissions that will drive climate change? Why they are intent of threatening the water supply for the Rio Grande. Remember these are people who only care of profit margins of industry not about the people. They tell each group a different story. They break the law on OMA every meeting and laugh because they are not held accountable. These are the Commissioners that told a 25- member citizens Working Group that is in the “trauma and drama” of the issue, that there are “winner and losers” and the “CWG were losers.”   The Citizens of this county deserve to be protected. Now please contact them and tell to vote NO on the current ordinance Draft. The CWG Science ordinance in part is good but they must uphold stronger protecting for the District A as well. All people deserve protection.  We cannot in good conscience allow the continued impacts to our rural communities, Hispanic, Dine’ and Pueblo brother and sisters.

The County, whatever they do on this ordinance will get sued.  They have backed themselves into a corner.  They must implement a moratorium and contact Kate Frelic ( see our submitted public comment post) to have the planners that wrote the Mora and Santa Fe Ordinances’ write the Sandoval County for a $100,000. This is a deal considering the what court costs are going to be paid if they do not.

You can watch the county meeting at this link Live Stream  

Submit Written Public Comment

The written public comment should be submitted via email to Public[email protected]

If you do not have access to email and wish to submit a paper letter for your written comment, please mail to:

Sandoval County
Public Information Office
Attn: Oil, Gas & Water Public Comment
P.O. Box 40
Bernalillo, NM 87004

District 4
David J. Heil

Contact Information:
Phone: (505) 252-6085
Email: [email protected]

Serving the residents of Western Rio Rancho

District 5
F. Kenneth Eichwald

Contact Information:
Phone: (505) 252-7412
Email: [email protected]

District 1
Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes

Contact Information:
Phone: (505) 235-5628
Email: [email protected]