Halt the Harm: Shale Gas and Health

Webinar: Shale Gas & Oil Health Registry/Resource Network

Environmental Health Project (EHP) is launching a new project, the Shale Gas & Oil Health Registry & Resource Network. This registry and resource network aims to be a tool where those living or working in the shale fields can upload and document their health symptoms and potential exposures to contaminated air and water.

Learn from Environmental Health Project and Halt the Harm Network through this webinar to learn how you can participate, engage and use this new tool to support your work against the harms of fracking.

By participating in this registry, individuals can:

  • SHARE: Answer as many questions as you would like, and control how and with whom that information is shared.
  • CONNECT: Find out how you compare to others, and let support and helpful resources come to you. As a participant in the registry, you will also gain access to targeted data relevant to where you live and use this information to support your advocacy efforts.
  • DISCOVER: If you wish, let researchers access your information to help them understand the health impacts of shale oil and gas development and transport.

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