Fracking Harms Health

Water and air impacts to human health have been known for years and now are sourced in peer-reviewed studies.

Hydraulic Fracturing will create a convergence of factors leading to food scarcity and make the food available unhealthy to consume due to contamination and render it void of nutrition when crops are irrigated with treated fracked water.

Commodified fracked wastewater is a danger to society as a whole, especially, with known health impacts. Yet the governor and legislators would deny citizens groups transparent access to submit health issues for the record prior to passage. This amounts to corruption and willful negligence, based on the health and scientific evidence available in peer-reviewed studies since 2015.

Malnutrition will be widespread. Water shortage, crop failures, water contamination will also affect Factory Farming and small farm production, leading to family displacements. Fracking will cause the complete failure of our Social Order and functioning on any level. The planet will be populated by Climate Crisis Refugees.

list of Contaminants and health impacts pic
Here is a chart on the known contaminants. Unknown contaminants makes fracking unsafe. #keepitintheground

There is no safe fracking procedures, no safe fracking chemicals, no safe fracking waste disposal systems. Hydraulic Fracturing in incompatible with all life on Earth. Hydraulic Fracturing misuses our drinking water and is a systematic poisoning of all life. Hydraulic Fracturing must be banned.

According to the National Climate Assessment for the Southwest region- Food ” Food production in the Southwest is vulnerable to water shortages. Increased drought, heat waves, and reduction of winter chill hours can harm crops and livestock; exacerbate competition for water among agriculture, energy generation, and municipal uses; and increase future food insecurity.

  • Regulations are simply not capable of preventing harm.
  • Fracking and natural gas are incompatible with climate solutions.
  • Fracking and the disposal of fracking waste threaten drinking water.  
  • Drilling and fracking contribute to toxic air pollution and ground-level ozone at levels known to have health impacts.
  • Public health problems associated with drilling and fracking include poor birth outcomes, reproductive and respiratory impacts, and cancer risks.
  • Occupational health and safety risks for workers are severe and include both physical and chemical hazards.
  • Earthquakes are a proven consequence of both fracking and the underground injection of fracking waste.
  • Fracking infrastructure poses serious potential exposure risks to those living nearby. 
  • There has not been any basin overdrafts assessments by the State Engineer.
  • Drilling and fracking activities bring naturally occurring radioactive materials to the surface.
  • Drilling and fracking activities harm wildlife through multiple pathways.
  • The economic instabilities of fracking exacerbate public health risks.
  •  Fracking raises human rights and environmental justice issues.
  • Fracking in New Mexico presents many unknowns.
  • The risks posed by fracking in NEW MEXICO are unique because of geology of the area.
  • Health professionals are increasingly calling for bans or moratoria on fracking, based on a range of health hazards and as reviews of the data confirm evidence for harm.  

Supports SB 459 on NO New fracking permits for 4 years so plans can be drafted and implemented with study and input from 7 state agencies on impacts, reports, and plan for transition during moratorium period. #pauseonfracking #compendium6 #PSR