Sandoval County Gives Residents Intent to Drill Notice

Pro Oil and Gas “Ordinance” or ‘the Notice with intent to drill’ will be considered by Sandoval County Commission PRIOR to any recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

What to do this week at Tuesday and Thursday County Meetings!

Background:  Planning and Zoning Commissioner Stoddard (appointed in April by Commissioner Chapman) and Commissioner Chapman have decided to bypass the Planning and Zoning Commission altogether. 
(Note:  It is the Planning and Zoning Commission’s role and responsibility after study and analysis to recommend an oil and gas ordinance to be finally adopted by the County Commission.)
On Thursday, August 24, 2017, the county commission agenda will take action on a motion request by Commissioner Chapman to publish and post Stoddard’s ordinance so it can be voted on by the County Commission at a subsequent meeting onthe Consent Calendar. There is no mention of the P and Z.  (There couldn’t be since it will be discussing the proposal tonight night.)  The agenda item simply states that the ordinance was “brought forth” by Planning and Zoning Commissioner Stoddard who now wants the County Commission to consider it without any input from the Planning and Zoning Commission.
What the Stoddard Ordinance does:  There are good ordinances and bad ones.  The Stoddard “ordinance” is an example of a really terrible ordinance.  It Streamlines the Permiting Process preempting any protections from water, air health and safety. 
  • In fact, it really is not an ordinance. 
  • It amounts to a notice requirement (not even a public one). 
  • There is no public hearing.  All the industry has to do is provide notice of intent to drill with incredibly scant information. 
  • The director of Planning and Zoning has a 10-day turn around time,
  • which he is able to approve permits without public hearings in many instances. 
  • In addition, the county would be giving up all legal rights to challenge the industry or any state or federal agency. 
This is, to put it mildly, a very frightening proposal.

The Second Issue that relates to issue of the oil and gas ordiance is the federal funding cash match on capital outlay for the extentison of Rainbow Rd to Unser. This will allow for all those fracking trucks at the taxpayers expense!

Those trucks and frackers serious accidents hazards can occurs in areas of bus stops, homes, and schools in the area and will be on top of the drinking water aquifer for Rio Rancho and surroundings areas, they will be impacting the Rio Grande water supply. It is criminal the options the County Commisioners are offering us.

They have officered no protections, no studies, no voice onthe presetnation needed to cover the issues we deserve to see int his ordinance and the Planning Director and COmmisioner Chapman have obstructed our ability to enter findings into the record at every turn.

Mary Feldblum, a former Corrales Planning and Zoning commissioner, writes that she is  “stunned that a P and Z commissioner would bypass a process that he is supposed to uphold.”
What you can do:  
Attend both the P and Z meeting tomorrow night (6 PM) and the Thursday County Commission meeting at 6 PM. 
Location: County Administration Building 1500 Idalia Road, Building D, Bernalillo, NM 87004
Sign up to speak. Sign-up for public comment starts at 5:30. Lots of bodies are important, 
P and Z message:  We ask the P and  Z to condemn this blatant move to ignore the statutory role and responsibility of the Planning and Zoning Commission to protect our residents, our water, our air, our environment and be respectful of our neighbors.  
Clearly, Stoddard will oppose this but others need to be encouraged to say that going around us is unacceptable.
County Commission message:  Do not by-pass the Planning and Zoning process just to expedite an ordinance that really amounts to an oil and gas notice of intent to drill 
  • No accountability
  • No enforcement of the law
  • No record, no appeal, no Rule of Law equates to  No Democracy 
  • We filed our complaint to the OAG for the third time. We only can hope for a criminal investigation in this County Commission.

Just remember, Stoddard is a protege of Commissioner Chapman with ties to the oil and gas industry. It  appears that Stooddard intends to run for Chapman’s seat. This is clearly a gamesmanship move designed to create exposure for Stoddard and  streamline permits for their industry cronies. Chapman took a large sum of campaign contributions from the oil na dgas industry and is now doing their bidding, in this issue.

Tuesday night:
Ask the Commissioners to motion to strike the Stoddard Ammendment and resolution and throw it away. this is clearly a move designed to preempt all protections and calls into question the ethics of both Stooddard and Chapman.

Thursday Night: Pull 2 Items off the County Commission Boards Consent Calendar 

  1. the motion of Stoddard’s Ordinance/intent to drill — DO NOT ALLOW A VOTE ON THIS ITEM
  2. The capital outlay of the Paseo De Vulcan extension until the Oil and Gas Ordinancae ca address the nuciscanes issues associated with the fracking and oil exploration and develpment of the operations slated for the area. This information is based on minerals leases ready to apply for permits.  Do Not Allow a Vote on Items related to Paseo Vulcan Extension.