Don Phillips, Geologist Presentation: A case for No Fracking and or Oil Drilling in the Middle Rio Grande Basin

Don Phillips has been making rounds with his presentation on the geology of the Upper Rio Grande, Albuquerque Basin.

Don Phillips Geologist Former mayor of Fairview Texas Presentation of the Geology of the Upper Rio Grande

This video presentation that was given to the County Commision and the Natural Resource Committee of the All Pueblo Council of Governors, who graciously allowed the presentation for educational purposes. These meetings were designed to spread the word to our elected officials and now the public.  This is a candid discussion of the issue of hydraulic fracking from a perspective of an oil and gas expert and geologist.  It was science that they listened to that helped vote down the ordinance in December. This gives us a bit of hope that there are solutions to moving forward.

For over the past month several people from various groups have met to discuss a vision for moving forward.  After discussions with several civic leaders and citizens groups, it was apparent that there was a need to present a proposal to the County Commission and surrounding stakeholders area. We are have worked with several groups to compose a Final Draft Resolution For Stakeholders Regional Plan

If there was ever a perfect example of the need for the right of nature to exist, it is now in the Rio Grande Valley.

The future of life as we know it is at risk, and this is because the logic of maximum profit for the benefit of the few has been imposed on a finite planet with limited and fragile resources. Over-exploitation, excessive mineral resource extraction, over-consumption and unbridled waste are altering the vital cycles of nature. It is essential that we recover our humanity and end this logic of commodification and privatization imposed by capitalism. We need to strengthen and recover our indigenous roots of respect for Mother Earth. We must listen to the scientific community that alerts us to the interdependence of all elements of the Earth system. And we must create – and recreate – economic models that preserve the regenerative capacity of nature. In short, it is urgent that we share and embrace the essence of the rights of Mother Earth.

“We, the peoples and nations of Earth: considering that we are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible, living community of interrelated and interdependent beings with a common destiny…”

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