Upcoming Meetings: June 29 Discussion Agenda Item, CZO Public Hearing and on July 11 Public Hearing on Oil and Gas Ordinance Amendment to the CZO

STAND UP AND PROTECT LIFE, Water and Our Air: Where Are Your Values?

Stop handouts to O&G Industry in Sandoval County Ordinance the County will allow your water poisoned and air to be fouled with ordinance as is.

ASK FOR A MORATORIUM to address the industry impacts on the Rio Grande Valley.

Two important meeting dates:

Discussion Item on Agenda Planning Dept., Thursday, June 29 th 6 PM, P&Z Commission Meeting. Also at this meeting there will be a public hearing on the entire Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO). This is where the $300 fees for zoning violations can be challenged along with another many other things.  The County will not talk about the oil and gas ordinance (and/or as an amendment) to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) during this public hearing. They line-itemed the oil and gas ordinance separately and will have the public hearing on the oil and gas ordinance on July 11th.  The County is putting the cart before the horse.

PUBLIC HEARING Tuesday, July 11th, 6 PM, P&Z Commission Meeting is for the Oil and Gas Ordinance Amendment to the CZO   They are now calling the this Oil and Gas ordinance as an ammendment to the CZO.

Where: 1500 Idalia  Rd, 3rd floor, County Admin Bldg. Bernalillo NM 87004 Commission Chambers

  •  Sandoval County Ordinance offers NO protections for Water, Air Health and Safety with no citations.
  • 100,000 acres of private property to be fracked under new ordinance.
  •  There have been no tribal consultations on the cultural landscape impacts of the Pueblos and Tribes
  • The Ordinance intends to separates the County into 2 jurisdictional energy zones, leaving disparate impacts to the Tri Chapter Alliance Checkerboard Area.
  • No mention of the word “Aquifer” in the ordinance and offers no protections for water• There are no baseline studies for water, air, health and safety
  • Permit application to go though Planning Director, for Administrative Review with NO public hearing
  • Ordinance written by NM Tech and Industry.
  •  County Planning is asking the P&Z Commission to legitimize the current ordinance of 32-pages
  •  McQueen Sec. NM EMRD requested County streamline permit process thru NMOCD w10-day turnaround
  •  Planning Department Staff does not see Health and Safety as Land Use issue
  • County Commission must decide on “Risk verses Economics.”
  • County to impose $300 fee for Violations and that is not even per day.

The combination of all these activities creates air and water pollution, impacts to health and safety, and the questions that need to be addressed is what the net effects are of these aggregate emissions from all of the activities associated with natural gas development and production on air and water quality and quantity and what is the quality of life that New Mexicans want. The County can and should mitigate in an ordinance where the State regulations are lax or fail to protect the public welfare. The County refuses to consider these important facts despite several efforts by over a dozen people to be heard.

Come to Meeting! There will be a Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance 6-29-17 Thursday, which impacts all other ordinances.

More Information at www.commongroundrising.org