SPEAK OUT:Sandoval County Oil and Gas Ordinance-What you can do to Protect Water, Air, Health and Safety

PLEASE EMAIL and start calling:

“David J. Heil (Sandoval County NM, Commissioner – Chairman, ph 505-252-6085)” <[email protected]>,

“Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes (Sandoval County NM, Commissioner, ph 505-235-5628)”

<[email protected]sandovalcountynm.gov>,

“Jay C. Block (Sandoval County NM, Commissioner, ph 505-252-6218)” <[email protected]>,

“Don G. Chapman (Sandoval County NM, Commissioner, ph 505-414-6247)” <[email protected]>,

“F. Kenneth Eichwald (Sandoval County NM, Commissioner – Vice-Chairman, ph 505-252-7412)” [email protected]sandovalcountynm.gov

1.) Please contact these commissioners and tell them to make a motion to vote this ordinance down.

2.) Make a motion to hire the FerlicPlanning group and Attorney vet the 2 CWG ordinances because of dueling opinions in science and law. http://www.sandovalcountynm.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/OilandGasProposedOrdinanceforFinalVote11-29-18.pdf

3.) Call the County on working FOR Thrust Energy, the Oil and gas industry, as stated by Don Chapman in the last meeting Heil is working with Thrust energy to Write the amendments while Ignoring Public health and safety Countywide.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/StopFrackingtheRio/

4.) Ask the County to Issue FINDINGS on the Public Comments submitted as to Why they have accepted and rejected items from the Citizens Working Group Ordinances a and the public Comments submitted online: 
Sandoval County Oil and Gas Ordinance Public Comments <[email protected]sandovalcountynm.gov>

5.) Ask the County to Read the 4th Assessment on Climate and Issue findings on why they accept or reject this assessment on the ordinance impact to climate and emissions. According to EDF, 80% of emissions in NM are from Oil and Gas Production that created a methane cloud over the 4 Corners the size of Delaware.https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/23/health/climate-change-report-bn/index.html

Fracking, pumping brine for fracking 100,000 gas wells on private and public lands, and the fires that Climate Change that holds dire consequences for people in NM. Sandoval County Oil and Gas Ordinance vote it down, revise and vet it and come back with a series of community meetings. Three possible lawsuits pending pay $100,000. They already paid NM Tech for Oil and gas info.

Taxpayers money needs investment in a strong ordinance.

Final Vote and First and Last Public Comment 11/29/18      6 pm 

County Commission chambers 1500 Idalia Rd  Bernalillo NM 87004 

It’s time to call these people out #ClimateFriday