Source Water Protection Plan Rio Rancho helps systems identify actual or potential sources of contamination

On December 16 2020 there was Source Water Protection Plan Meeting online where our Report on the landfill was submitted to the committee for inclusion.

What the City of Rio Rancho and State of New Mexico Environment Solid Waste and Groundwater Bureaus are doing by mischaracterizing and downplaying the TENORM radioactive waste that was dumped in the city landfill. They will not test or clean up.

IMH and JP Morgan Chase are responsible, while City and State are talking best practices with Waste Management, the operators for the landfill. While radioactive waste that has a half life of 1,600 years, then kills through bone cancer and causes DNA somatic (heredity) changes. IMH is bankrupted JP Morgan Chase responsible for cleanup with their contractors.

What is wrong with the State of New Mexico and its politicians that they accept nuclear waste and allow it dumped on the citizenry and fail to regulate and enforce any real environmental regulation?

Streamlining Deregulation is killing us.

While doing so, they are downplaying what they were doing, tried to hide the dangers of the TENORM, and asking the waste management to practice better gate manners while residents are in for the rising illness and death rates. Still refusing to test.

As you can see they took the lowest test result instead of averaging or taking the higher result to error on the side of public heath, NMED did the opposite. we are asking them to clarify why they choose this test rather do what EPA suggests.
Also in the Landfill the TENORM had arsenic and many other toxic chemical including heavy metals, chlorides, docs, BTEX. The landfill never asked or questioned 51 truckloads and 288 ton of TENOMR Salta on other contaminants.

During the city of Rio Rancho Source Water Protection Committee meeting, I asked this report to be attached to the plan. They said they would. However, there was an attempt to ambush my presentation. It was not open to the public, which other meetings have been, they refused to allow other members of our group to attend the meeting. They brought in the manager of the waste management, Dan Darnell, who kept calling the radioactive material, “water processing sludge. ”Waste Management said they are writing a rebuttal asking them not to put the report into the plan. The plan is about the potential pollution to ground water. The manager is not part of the committee. Never had him on the agenda and never introduced that he was online during my presentation or in the meeting. This shows how disingenuous that the City is when working with residents that are holding them accountable to protect public health. WE have been lied to, had information withheld from us, and ambushed in a public entity meeting. They started out asking me to behave myself. All this doesn’t instill public trust.

The state approved the permit extending the landfill until 2028, even though the landfill was past it life expectancy, according to the States own documents. The state is trying to downplay the TENORM still. We are supposed to meet after the the first of the year. The state asked Waste management to comply in the letter of !)/28/2020 but the state didn’t like Waste Managements answers on gate practices as to what they are allowing in the dump. who knows what is in there now. They are writing them another letter next week. Life goes on at least for now before people start getting sick.

Public health Issues associated with TENORM All of our information comes from a two year investigation where our group has done several IPRA (Information for Public Records) requests.

The Source Water Protection Program works with water systems and their stakeholders to help ensure sustainable, clean drinking water for communities.

Our Source Water Protection Team assists with:

  Helping systems identify actual or potential sources of contamination

  Developing contamination management strategies

  Developing or updating Source Water Assessments

  Developing or updating Source Water Protection Plans

  Holding community meetings for Source Water Protection plan development

  Providing outreach about threats to source water and protection actions

  Providing TOOLS for source water protection

Source Water Protection TOOLS:

≈  NMED EnviroMap (formerly Source Water Protection Atlas)

≈  DWB Collaborative Projects – Studies, Reports, Other Tools