Sandoval ‘sycophants’ County Commission to Bypass Public Comment on Paseo Vulcan Extension and Oil and Gas Amendments

Tuesday Evening the P&Z will be discussing the the Stoddard amendment they cannot vote on it until the following meeting BUT …
(Don Chapman, Chairman) County Commission Request for a Motion to Publish and Post the Proposed Oil and Gas Ordinance as bought forth by Planning and Zoning Commissioner Dan Stoddard.
Note the words “BROUGHT FORTH” Stoddard is not suggesting the P and Z is recommending the ordinance.
He is bypassing the P and Z. (Clearly he must think that P and Z will not recommend the ordinance.)
This is an outrageous move that was posted this morning
On Thursday Evening the BoCounty Commission Mr. Chapman has it on the CONSENT Calendar to Motion the Review of this the Stoddard / Chapman Proposal none of this was on the Website until this morning 24 before the P&Z is to discuss it they are advertising the approval of it.
See the attached Stoddard /Chapman proposed resolution
 Does anyone else see a problem with this? Whatever happened to democracy?  
What is the role of P and Z?  
Also on this BoCC consent calendar is the approval of Capital Outlay for the roads (Paseo Vulcan Extension) for $$$ Millions of dollars for oil and gas trucking operations in Rio Rancho Estates without discussion in a public forum  On Consent Calendar wiwthout public comment
6 pm County Chambers 3rd floor
 1500 Idalia Rd Bernalillo NM 87004 
Tuesday P&Z and Thrusday at the BoCC
Jay Block District 2
Don Chapman Chair District 3
David Heil District 4
Kenneth Eichwald District 5
John Arango, Chairman –
Cell: 379-4133 Home: 867-3159
James G. Maduena –
District 2/Sponsored by Commissioner Block
Daniel J. Stoddard –
District 3/Sponsored by Commissioner Chapman
District 4/Sponsored by Commissioner Heil
Aparcio C. Hererra, Jr. –
District 5/Sponsored by Commissioner Eichwald
Dennis R. Trujillo –
District 5/Sponsored by Commissioner Eichwald
Here are the Links to the meeting reports and Information that will be discussed
BOCC Meeting Agenda capital outlay and presnetations including Chapman/Stoddard Ordinance