Sandoval County Commissioners to vote on ordinance; with a new commissioner prior to P&Z Commission work session, discussion and recommendation

THIS IS YOUR WATER after this is approved and the fracking begins.

Is this Democracy?

Sandoval County Commissioners force vote on ordinance; w new commissioner prior P&Z Commission work session, discussion, and recommendation

Once you see the drilling rigs it will be too late to stop it. September 7th, 2017 6 pm The Board of County Commission is scheduling a vote. HEIL is on the side of OIL and gas not on the side of those he is supposed to represent Heil represents the type of planning we see affecting the people in Houston unfettered access with no protections for water and air health and safety. He gives rhetoric and votes with oil and gas industry., he is just another gas supporting Commissioner.

On September 5th the Planning and Zoning Commission worked until 11 Pm The
Chairman Arango turned over the meeting to planning director Springfield and the gas industry only one comment from the public was Allowed at 10:45 pm for 3 Minutes.

The suggested changes to the draft ordinance have not been properly advertised as the Board of County Commissioners are scheduled to do this on September September 7th to bring forth and advertise a draft that at best amounts to “best management practices” with no protections on water or air and health and safety.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 – 6:00 P.M.


DISCUSSION- Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Revision, Section 10D.13 (Oil and Gas Exploration and Production) Issue(s) to be considered: A. The Planning and Zoning Commission will discuss a Draft Ordinance presented by Commissioner Stoddard, and Staff’s Amendments to that Draft Ordinance.
Posted 8/25/17

Commissioner Chapman Usurps P&Z Commission
However, that chairman Chapman decided to steamroll this ordinance.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 – 6 P.M.

Item #8 on the agenda
Request for a Motion to Allow the Board of County Commission to Review and Discuss the Proposed Oil and Gas Ordinance as brought forth by Planning and Zoning Commissioner Dan Stoddard and Request for a Motion to Publish and Post the Proposed Oil and Gas Ordinance as brought forth by Planning and Zoning Commissioner Dan Stoddard.

On September 24th that vote was stopped by commissioners Jay Block and Eichwald. However, Gov Martinez heard about this and appointed her deciding vote to allow the oil and gas industry unfettered access to water and in the Rio Grande Valley while preempting tribal consultation. the new District one Commissioner is J. F. Holden-Rhodes Retired military that “likes to drive his four Jaguars” according to his biography on a book he had written.

Important meetings commissioner meeting September 7th and P&Z commission meeting on September 12 Please attend

We are currently exploring ways to Appeal and/Repeal any decision that Commissioners make on this Ordinance. Our region needs a progressive regional solution, not the same neoliberal planning ideologies like we are witnessing in Houston that the Oil industry was allowed unfettered deregulation and now has poisoned the groundwater forever in the region.

Common Ground Rising has filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General on Record and Open Meetings Act violations. We will be holding a community meeting soon for Sandoval County Residents to explore our options to Appeal and or Repeal the county’s Decision. We are holding the County commission violations of the law accountable.

A ballot initiative would have to pass the commissioners after gathering 15,000 signatures. They would not allow the citizens their day! We have commissioners who are showing us they are really lousy at governing.

So we are left with suing the county, which when we polled property owner residents, they said they would support an injunction and class action suit. We are
Now going to canvass all voters in Sandoval

Under the tort claims act the county must have done the proper risk assessments and baseline studies to see how the economic tax base would be affected.
Remember the housing crisis when people walked away from their mortgages? When cities and counties were left with no tax base to provide needed services fire police ambulance etc? This is not what we want to see happen and In NM we are always one step away from this happening.

Our nest egg
Many people in our neighborhood and myself included our homes are our nest eggs. Under the current law on a settlement of eminent domain or irreparable property impacts, the gas industry only has to give the property owner 10-30% of its value! This is documented in many states where water, health, and the home was destroyed.

What will happen to the property value tax base?
The county and state liability is high and culpable in the property taking of residents in the county and most likely destruction of the water resources that we all depend on. We have repeatedly asked for
Am moratorium to allow a citizens task force to work to implement a strong ordinance.

We must demand the proper time to do these risk assessments instead of giving an industry a Blanc check as governor martinez is pushing for after her Million dollar Campaign contribution from oil and gas.

Citizens have request the geologists doing the water
Studies that will not be ready until may 2018 come and answer question at the commission meeting. They have not been given permission by the governor to do so in this issue.

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