Rusted Well #5 in Rio Puerco
$6 million Settlement after spending a budget of $10 million and no Accountability.

Information obtained in IPRA request on Sandoval County role, as a public and private partnership, with Aperion ReCorp (now IMH Hedge Fund)  and several other shell corporations out of Arizona. These are foreign corporations that are now ligating to see who will control the New Mexican water resources Sandoval County gave away.  The market value for the water alone is said to be over $1 Billion.

The cost of the building $87 Million with bonds that the State, Feds, and Sandoval County residents would be responsible for.  But what is worse is to see how this deal was made, who is responsible for it and what we can do as citizens. How do we get accountability for money spent? How will this water be sued in the future?  The questionable practices to obtain funding for this project and the implication of corruption, sidestepping administrative rules calls into question the ethics of the administration of Planning and Zoning Director and the current County Manager.

Will we subsidize brine water for fracking and ruining the health of our communities and drinking water in our Region?

ON July 30, we discovered the documents that show the interconnection between the desalination pumping in the Rio Puerco impacts to the Rio Grande. At the July 12 Work session of the Sandoval County Commission, New Mexico Tech stated there was no study they could find on transmissivity or interconnection between the two basins. Yet this study was paid for by the Interstate Stream Commission. This study was covered up and was not given to the County Commission and or the Supreme Court in a decision that could have been much different had they known about how these impacts of pumping 47,000 acre-feet a year would impact the Rio Grande Compact.

In the July 12th Work session the Thrust Energy experts and its CEO stated their intention of fracking on the West Mease out Southern Blvd out to the Rio Puerco and said that their Documentation was proprietary and they were not able to show us why they thought Mancos Shales operations and oil drilling were of exceptional quality.

As it stands there are no regulations on Brine water and the fracking operators can drill with unpolished brine water. We believe that despite adamant denials for Gary Lee, an engineer on the desal project,  that the brine will be used for fracking. We simply do not believe them.  The current status of the brine wells (2) was repaired and the OSE now has the chore to authorize the record of repair of the wells one that is done there is no way we can stop the IMH from putting a pump on those wells and selling raw brine.

NMED is reviewing the Discharge permit and if approved can later be modified as the waste stream on these wells impact the environment, water, air wildlife and impact the health of our communities. the Salt os these brine has a 13,000 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) that include heavy metals, Radionuclides, and arsenic just to name a few.

According to email communication between Mike Springfield and George King they planned to get then State Engineer to support legislation on a pre-emptions of the beneficial use on drilling under 2500 ft.  and John d’Antionio complied. He was aware of the Studies done by Shoemaker and so were these others involved in this project of the Cover-up but it would have impacted the profits that were being stolen from the people of NM.

The fact that there is no accountability for their action points to the problems New Mexicans face, as we are last in everything because of a mentality that exists that they have to throw out the baby with the bathwater to get Corporations to invest in NM. We have seen how that business model has consistently failed our citizens.

What pours salt into our wounds is that tje Brine water is valued at 1 billion dollars and they gave it away.

DeepAquifer-JSAI_FINAL DRAFT FIGS 063010


Figure ! Rio Puerco Deep weel impacts to RG and RSJ

Overview of Northwest Loop

MoU Between County and Recorp

Motion for Injunction (Restrain County – Water Extraction)

Request for design professional Services 10-16-08

State of NM Exchange Patent

Guy Brally email to Mike Springfield RE RR Observer Article

Petition for Prohibition, Control…Stay

Sandoval Co Commision Agenda – Special Meeting 12-30-10

Warranty Deed The Property

Reply to Sandoval Co for Prelim Injunction

Objection to Preliminary Order of Entry & County’s Proposed Deposit

Guy Bralley Emails

Warranty Deed Alice King Way Right of Way

Soil Test Interpretations 2-12-08

Master Inquiry (Water Project Fund)

8-10-06 Rio West Master Plan

Well Photographs

Appraisal Report Vacant Land As Is 3-3-11

General Warranty Deed (For Road)

Roos & Owens Wellsite and Right of Way Valuation Analysis

Title Insurance Stewart Tile

County Agreement to farm out Engineering


Note and Mortgage Modification Agreement

Mortgage to Johnson Bank for Water Rights

Well Site #5 Exhibit ‘C’

Special Warranty Deed Mesa Del Sol 12-5-13

White Paper

Letter from State Engineer 2-27-07

Notice of Lis Pendens (Southwest Lending Forclosed on 2006 Note)

01-01-11 Article Developer to Change Brackish Aquifer

County deals desal plant to developer RR Observer article 1-3-11

Water Resource Analysis & Valuation 5-22-09

Amrep Warranty Deed


Settlement Agreement

Butera Porperties LLC Financing Statement with Johson Bank

Special Warranty Deed RE Public Lands

7-17-07 Devolpment Agreement

Purchase Orders and Checks

Balleau Grounfwater Inc Report

Warranty Deed (Title Insurance)

RR Observer Article on Desalination

State Engineer Water Rights Summary 5-13-09

Valuation Analysis Wellsites 5, 6 & Right of Way West of RR

Sandoval Co NM v Tesoro Property LLC Timeline

MoU Between Sandoval Co and Recorp 5-1-07

Clipped Legal Notices

Hall Enviro Analysis 12-21-07

NM Supreme Court Case

Michael Springfield emails

Stewart Title Info to Sandoval County Courthouse

6-29-09 Letter from County Manager to Recorp

Corporations (Recorp) Information Inquiry

Temporary Well Easement

Video LInk IMH Security


03-Thomson on desal

Combined Files Sandoval Ordinance, Gas Plant energy options, Treasurer report, Water Board Application, email, letters, and etc.   Binder 5 Combined files

Prior Files out of a Separate IPRA Previous to  6.29. 2018 scan Brin batch Binders 1,2,3 are too larger to upload on this site. because they are JPGS.

IMH Security on Road Closure of Public road paid for by taxpayers.


Brine1 Intro outline timeline

county Accees Road settlement county access.JPG Desal Wells for aperion Recorp discharge Permit for Desal project