This included the following areas: Pena Blanca, Budaghers, Algodonnes, Placitas, La Madera (East Mountains), Rio Rancho, Rio Rancho Estates, West Mesa, It also includes all the supporting infrastructure Compressor stations and Pipelines. If you know people living in these areas or know people concerned about this issue please share this article.

Make the Call,Write the Letters,
Let’s hear your Voice & Come to the Meeting

Sandoval County Commission Meetings

Plug-in and help Protect Water, Air, Health and Safety for all residents.

The County Commission will give their decision on how they will move forward on this issue at the June 15th meeting. This is the time to make your views known on the impacts from the potential 15,000 oil and gas wells in the Sandoval County and the Rio Grande Valley that will impact water, air and health of our community. Including the West Mesa and East Mountains.  There is a chance for concerned citizens to make 

Photo Caption: 32 pg doc 12 pages of definitions. 

Public Comments For the past meeting and Community Presentations can be viewed on our Video and Livestream page 

Link to Draft 9-page “no protections” ordinance
Final Version Draft Ordinance to be Published


Call and Email 

James Holden Rhodes District 1

Phone: 505-235-5628

Jay Block                   District 2


Don Chapman Chair  District 3 


David Heil                  District 4 


Kenneth Eichwald    District  5 


Responsible for driving the ‘Dead” ordinance process

Michael Springfield
Director, Planning & Zoning
Phone: 505-867-7628


Planning & Zoning Commissioner Contact Information

John Arango, Former Chairman –
District 1/Sponsored by Commissioner (Vacant) We are keeping this up incase the contact is needed. Chairman Arango Resigned September 22
Mail: PO Box 889, Algodones, NM 87001
1452 Highway 313
Algodones, NM 87001
Cell: 379-4133 Home: 867-3159
Term Expires April 30, 2017
James G. Maduena –
District 1/Sponsored by Commissioner (Vacant)
P O Box 845
Placitas, NM 87043
Hm: 867-4792
Term Expires December 31, 2018

Keith Brown –
District 2/Sponsored by Commissioner Block
2603 Corte Castellon SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Hm: 505-301-9387
Term Expires March 31, 2019

Daniel J. Stoddard –
District 3/Sponsored by Commissioner Chapman
6436 Matamoros Rd NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
Hm: 575-791-3393
Term Expires April 30, 2018

Geoffrey Stamp  –
District 4/Sponsored by Commissioner Heil
63 2nd St SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Hm: 505-340-6935
Term Expires April 30, 2018

Aparcio C. Hererra, Jr. –
District 5/Sponsored by Commissioner Eichwald
P.O. Box 24
27 San Louis Avenue
Cuba, NM 87013
Hm: 575-289-3754
Cell: 505-252-2013
Term Expires January 31, 2018

Dennis R. Trujillo
District 5/Sponsored by Commissioner Eichwald
P.O. Box 163
Ponderosa, NM 87044
Hm: 505-508-6566
Term Expires April 30, 2019

Commissioner Group Email
 – P&

Letters to the Editor

Rio Rancho Observer 400 word Limit

ABQ Journal  400 word Limit

Corrales Comment

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KUNM CALL IN SHOW  Ask for a Series on the Fracking in NM

Calls, emails and Letters to the your elected officials including your State legislators 

Talking Points 

Selected Serious Omissions in the  flawed ordinance moving forward”

  • No safety plan
  • No criteria for acceptance/rejection of O&G applications
  • No public review of exploratory well applications
  • No pre-drilling air/water quality measurements
  • No aquifer protection requirements or monitoring
  • No groundwater or surface water quality monitoring
  • No air emission or air quality measurements
  • No verification that operator performs as promised
  • No noise or operational hours requirements
  • No protection for split estate surface landowners

One of the Talking Points on the safety concerns are not being addressed in the Sandoval County Ordinance Process. 

We, the undersigned concerned residents and organizations in greater northern New Mexico, request the following measures be taken to ensure greater public safety and preparedness in case of oil field caused accidents:

  • An Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Plan that addresses all risks from oil operations in the San Juan Basin and Mancos Shale regions to be posted in all Chapter Houses and Pueblo Communites and all of the surrounding County residents with Emergency Contacts for fire, rescue,
  • livestock evacuation, medical treatment and emergency shelter, In all public centers and sent to people in the County through a public education  infomration meetings, newspaper and through social media.
  • Emergency Hotline to local radio, TV and state website (similar to weather alerts) to inform residents of emergency conditions and what actions the public should take for their own safety.
  • Oil company website updates on air and water monitoring being conducted at the site of an accident (fire, spill, leak, explosion, collision) within the first 24 hours so residents and the public, including travelers, are kept informed as to air and water quality and levels of risk of exposure.
  • Compensation to residents who suffer damages, livestock losses and human health and veterinary costs related to  an accident.
  • Qualified medical assistance during and after an emergency to assess and if necessary refer for treatment any person injured or made ill as a result of the incident.
  • Livestock mortality contact so landowners can report livestock killed as result of accident.

Explosion in Nagezzi in July 2016  Photo Credit:Kendra Pinto

The US Chemical Safety Board has published the following recommendations that would help ensure a more appropriate response in the event of a future accident:

Training for emergency responders, including hazardous materials training;

·       Local emergency planning, and community response plans and teams;

·       Use of community notification systems;

·       Use of an incident command system and the National Incident Management System;

·       Conducting emergency response exercises;

·       Information sharing between facilities, emergency responders and the community;

Such emergency measures would provide a minimum of assistance for rural and urban residents who have little to no local rescue or medical services and who are living in such close proximity to potentially dangerous extraction operations. Or will be living in close proximity (within 10 miles ) of the potential fracking operations slated for the the Rio Grande Valley in Sandoval County.

Sandoval County has failled to provide us with an Emergency Safety Plan stating that it is a matter of National Security. The County Attorney has failed to provide our attornenys with a citation on the matter that proves they are allowed to withhold such information from county residents. We need you help to pursue this case in court. If you can donate to our cause to protect our communities and help cover our expenses. 

About Us

Stop Fracking the Rio Grande Valley  is now a grassroots community organization 501c3 Under Common Ground Community Trust  We are fiscally sponsored by the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice. We need you help through donations to cover expenses including legal, and operational expenses. We are all volunteers.

Contributions over $100 are tax deductible:

Make Checks To: ACP&J  

memo line: Common Ground Community Trust  

Send to: 907 Nyasa RD SE Rio Rancho, NM 87124  

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